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Living in Porto

What's the cost of living in Porto?

Living in Porto is quite cheap when compared to other European countries. In average monthly expenses for a single person could be as low as 650€ with a moderate way of living.


Eating in Porto

You can have lunch (and we mean a proper lunch!) for around 7.5€, including a starter/soup, main course, one drink and and nice expresso coffee.

Small beer (0.33 liter bottle)


Expresso coffee

0.8€ or less

Water (0.33 liter bottle)



What are rental costs like?

Getting a room can cost between 250€-350€ a month.
Renting a small studio apartment can cost between 350€-500€ a month.

We’re working on developing partnerships with local renting providers to offer you the best deal possible.

How do I get there?

Porto has great infrastructures and you get here pretty much by any mean of transportation. But although we’re close to the sea, getting a flight here is probably more comfortable than a boat.

The Francisco Sá Carneiro airport is 11km away from city center and you can get a connection through taxi or Metro.

From the US

If you live in the US or outside Europe, you may have to take a connection flight from Frankfurt or Lisbon.

From Europe

If you’re coming from Europe, there are direct connections from pretty much every major airport.


In Portugal

If you land in Lisbon, do take a little time to meet the place! When you’re done grab the Alfa train up north for about 30€ from Gare do Oriente.