Telmo’s story

In the school there is not a typical day, like, you always have different activities, but the good thing is that you can decide which activities you want to be involved with.”
Why the New Digital School?

I was in a point that I had to choose between going to a traditional master program or find a place to keep learning and developing my technical skills in the digital world. I decided to come to this program, because I like the approach, the quality of the speakers, the place where the school is, and the philosophy it has.

What is a typical day at TNDS?

In the school there is not a typical day. You always have different activities, but the good thing is that you can decide which ones you want to be involved with, so, maybe, one day you can arrive and have five days of masterclass with an incredible guy from the industry; or you can also be working in a project or visit a company. Sometimes there are workshops and others you can just hangout and go to surf, play ping-pong or do something else.

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Do you have projects aside school?

I have this ambition to build projects and communities. I have a big community in Spain, where I used to do audiovisuals, events, social projects, create things for the city, build new content and ideas. I also design and develop some products.

What is like to live in Porto?

Porto is a really cosy city and it’s an easy place to live, because everything is close, so you can feel at home. It’s cheap, there are cool restaurants, parks and the people are really welcoming. It’s a good place to live.

What do you like most at TNDS?

The challenges you have to face everyday. You challenge yourself, not through exams, nor grades. That’s one of the reasons why I came here. Other thing I really like is the people who work here, the guests, the speakers, the environment of motivation and growth, and the freedom that the program has.

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Which project did you like the most so far?

One of the projects that I really appreciate and I am attached to is called Yellowhive. It’s a project that tries to connect local beekeepers with people from the cities, with the idea to centralise how people are supplying honey in the world now.

What surprised you the most at TNDS?

I think how the people commit to a year with no framework, with so flexible things. This idea that you can build and empower people that you’re doing something with, something new, something that’s gonna have potential in the future.

What do you feel when you think about TNDS?

That I’m making something that will save my future in a way. I feel like I’m doing something right, I feel happy, and I also feel proud of the people and the ecosystem that we’re building here.

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