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Our curriculum is shaped around every individual, acknowledging the fact that everyone is different and with different learning needs.

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1. User Interface 2. User Experience 3. Frontend Development 4. Backend Development 5. Strategy/ Management
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Our twelve month program is built around ten core masterclasses delivered by ten of the world's leading experts.

At the same time there are optional modules allowing every student to build a bespoke learning program. Tailored to fit.

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You’ll learn the fundamentals from world-renowned professionals who will share their experience with you. Our visiting faculty is second to none and offers you a unique opportunity to learn from our industry's brightest and best talent.

1st day

Talk + Briefing

2nd day

Follow up

3rd day


4th day

Team Work

5th day

Presentation and

Masterclasses Faculty

Mentoring sessions will allow you to be guided by veteran industry professionals who will provide one-to-one insight on your career and projects, while helping you get started in real-world.

We'll be offering hands-on sessions and year-round support from designers, developers and business leaders: the kind of support that could change your career.

Work in projects with live briefs from partner companies. No dummy information, no guessing. Immersing yourself in a studio-like environment will provide the right setup to acquire the right skills and tools to succeed.