The New Digital School (TNDS) is a new approach to the educational system of most countries.

We let you be the student that you want to be

Shape your future

1. User Interface 2. User Experience 3. Frontend Development 4. Backend Development 5. Strategy/ Management
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Aimed for web enthusiasts, The New Digital School is a place where the student is free to choose what to learn, with direct industry contact and real-life projects.

We have accounted for 430+ contact hours with mentors, guest speakers and webinars.

And that’s not accounting our in-house facilitators available 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

The School aims to promote a connection between students and the industry, creating a hub for development and innovation.

A world class school in a great city - this is where I’d want to learn”
Jeremy Keith


Great to see projects like The New Digital School, exploring a new approach for teaching web in higher education.”
Vitaly Friedman

Smashing Magazine